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Tips from the Top: South Africa’s Best Marketing Campaigns

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The Top 10 WeChat Advertising Campaigns

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Our 9 favorite Apple ad campaigns, ranked

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With hundreds of glossy spring/summer advertising campaigns set to populate major fashion magazines, Internet forums and social media platforms from Facebook to Tumblr to Pinterest, The Business of Fashion picks the Top 10 Campaigns of the Season. 10 Reasons to Market a Website with Paid Search.

Top 5 Marketing Campaigns in the Middle East

We are very strong advocates of paid search marketing as it has so many benefits to advertisers representing just about every type of product or service. Top 3 Viral Marketing Campaigns to Take Inspiration From.

Nidhi Dave March 9, 7; Marketers aim to spread the word about their brand to a wide audience, and they often do this by trying to make their content go viral. Viral marketing is a technique, which marketers use intentionally to spread their message quickly. Just like a biological.

60 Best Print Advertising Campaigns. For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult. A print ad campaign starts with a creative idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals.

As part of Microsoft’s third annual #MakeWhatsNext campaign, the company released an ad, “Change the Odds,” urging young girls to change the world and stay in STEM.

This ad, for Procter & Gamble’s Ariel detergent, was the most effective inaccording to WARC, a U.K.-based ad industry researcher and consultant.

6 optimization tips for Sponsored Brands

For the fourth year, WARC has produced a ranking of best campaigns based on a weighted average of some 80 global advertising .

Top advertising campaigns
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