Philippine constitution

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“License to Kill”

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The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas.

MANILA, Philippines – Did you know that for every change in the constitution in the Philippines, the President released a proclamation to commemorate the date when the new charter took effect.

Constitution of the Philippines

We are aware that not all young and aspiring professional teachers can manage to travel and are available and for review every day of the week, TeacherPH would like to provide the Philippine constitution accessible and practical way to reach out and help you pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

The Constitution of the Philippines (Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas or Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas) is the constitution or supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines. Its final draft was completed by the Constitutional Commission on October 12, and was ratified by a nationwide plebiscite on February 2, The Commonwealth of the Philippines (Spanish: Mancomunidad de Filipinas; Tagalog: Komonwelt ng Pilipinas) was the administrative body that governed the Philippines from toaside from a period of exile in the Second World War from to when Japan occupied the replaced the Insular Government, a United States territorial government, and was established by the Tydings.

The draft of a new Philippines constitution that was to be submitted to President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday would grant him sweeping new powers, including rule by decree, a member of the drafting.

Philippine constitution
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