Macmillan and grunski consulting spreadsheet

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Consulting Time Sheet Template

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Excel for Consulting

Monthly Justice Project Management As a classical real estate firm, project management is a gracious competency. Macmillan Circus can offer project management systems in areas others cannot.

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I found Excel for Consulting to be immensely valuable to me during my time at the MBA program at Emory. I was looking for a no-fluff course that covered the foundational concepts of Excel use on the job in consulting, and I found that with Excel for Consulting.

After a few years, Sandra decided to open her own financial firm along with Betsy Grunski, who also was a financial analyst of the firm. Together they started the Macmillan and Grunski Consulting firm which provided financial.

Tips for consultants / Consulting Time Sheet Template You use a timesheet to substantiate client bills, or perhaps to track time for a sub contractor or staff member in your business.

The Consultants’ Guides outline the. As a professional real estate firm, project management is a core competency. Macmillan Group can offer project management services in areas others cannot. Our services are flexible, depending on your needs, and we can support you. Macmillan and Grunski Consulting provides financial planning services to upper middle-class professionals.

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Basically, the firm provides consulting services in the areas of income tax, investment and estate planning, insurance and employee benefits advising, and financial planning for small, family-owned businesses.

Macmillan and grunski consulting spreadsheet
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