Human corpse disposal

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Urban Death Project proposes to allow human corpses to become plant food

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Disposal of human corpses

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15 Ways We Handle The Dead

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Oct 04,  · Hundreds of tons of human body parts and surgical waste have been stockpiled by a disposal company contracted by the UK's National Health Service, according to. When the five- to eight-hour cycle is complete—that’s three hours to destroy the body, plus a few more to heat and cool the solution—the liquefied remains are safe to pour down the drain.

County commissioners to dispose of remains of indigents: RCW Disposal of remains prohibited unless accompanied by proper permit: RCW Fetal deaths: Chapter RCW. Alkaline hydrolysis (also called biocremation, resomation, flameless cremation, or water cremation) is a process for the disposal of human remains which produces less carbon dioxide and pollutants than cremation.

The process is being marketed as an alternative to the traditional options of. Dec 11,  · Eating the Body - Celebrities like Hannibal Lecter or people in many other movies enjoy eating human bodies and use it as a method of disposal, e.g.

in Tooth and Nail (), The Road. Cement Shoes - The dead bodies are attached to a heavy weight and dropped in the sea or deep waters for the fish to eat.

Human corpse disposal
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