Geographical segmentation of nestle

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Examples of Geographic Segmentation

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Marketing Plan of Cadbury

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Marketing Plan of British Petroleum

Market Segmentation. Cadbury has divided the market in different segments based on geography, demographics and psychographics, which can help them in identifying the market segments. Dairy in Malaysia: Mondelez (M) Sales leads cheese in with a 46% value share, as the company has an extensive distribution network and owns the.

Geographic segmentation divides the market based on the units of geography – such as location, languages used and other such basic elements which separate one geography from the other.

While using geographic segmentation, the company might launch different products for that particular market. Frank Hahn. Partner, Executive Creative Director, Anomaly Berlin. Frank is a creative leader with more than 15 years of international wanderlust.


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Nestle is leading the global market for beverages and food items for more than a century. There are 4 different types of market segmentation and all of them vary in their implementation.

A manager can use any one of the four types of segmentation.

Geographical segmentation of nestle
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