Class officers

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BHS 2019 Senior Class Officers' Homepage

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Class officers

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Class Officers and Student Committee Assignments

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Police rank

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On, Canada Shipping to:. Class Officers President Ron Scott VP Class Webmasters. Class Officer Minutes, Etc. Home. Site powered by Weebly.

Class of 1991 Government - Officers

Managed by US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates. Home/Contacts > Updates > Class, Sq, and Front Range. The Harvard Alumni Associaton annouced the nineteen seniors tasked with leading the Class of as officers and house representatives in an email to the senior class Friday afternoon.

Class of Officers: Chair – Jordan Markel Vice Chair – Blake O’Connor Secretary – Kyley Maxheimer Treasurer – Lexi Scott Class Representatives – Matt Faller and Thomas Hu OSR Representative – Taylor Tabatabai. Class of Officers. Class I or Group A is the highest rank class and the Class IV or Group D is the least.

The Government of India has plans to merge Group D into Group C. [1] Class I and II (Gazetted) belong to the class of officers whose transfers, appointments, promotions and superannuation are published on a yearly basis in the official gazette of State or. Pledge Class Officers Pledges: the following is a description of the various offices you may wish to pursue this Fall semester before you are initiated as fully-fledged Brothers!

Class Officers

The pledging officers play a large role in the success of your Pledge class! Class Officers. Reid Petty – President ’ Reid is a Marketing major from Mendham, New Jersey. He has served on class council for the past four years. On campus, Reid has been actively involved with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Career Center, aiding both current and prospective students.

He is also a brother of Beta Theta Pi.

Class officers
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