An examination of fidelity in movies

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The 50 Best Movies of the Decade (2000-2009)

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Disney Plans Family-Friendly, Female-Led Take on 'High Fidelity'

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10 Movies That ... Deal With In\Fidelity - 6th Commandment

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The movie was made for television in and Director: Fielder Cook. Written by Scott Rosenberg, D. V. DeVincentis, Steve Pink and John Cusack and directed by Stephen Frears, the movie High Fidelity starred Cusack as Rob Gordon, a music store owner who can’t make his relationships last.

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To improve his poor track record and understanding of women, he decides to seek out some of his old flames. If you are looking to invest in high quality mutual funds, Vanguard and Fidelity Investments are two powerhouse financial companies that you can rely on to watch your money.

An examination of the blockbuster superhero films that would start the genre's growing dominance with scrupulous fidelity to the source material. S1, Ep7 22 Dec. A number of in-jokes were peppered throughout High Fidelity in reference to its starring players.

For instance, Rob Gordon touts his “little black book” of former lovers’ information as if it were his personal talisman. High Fidelity tells the story of Rob, a thirtysomething record store owner, and his on-again, off-again relationship with his girlfriend Laura (Jenn Collela).

It's a small story made interesting by its examination of his preoccupation with popular music, which would seem to suggest that a stage version might be done as a jukebox musical, with actual pop and rock songs incorporated.5/

An examination of fidelity in movies
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